Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can it be November 5th already? PLEASE!!

Is that too much to ask? Can we just get past this election, and move on already? Seriously, I will totally give up all the chocolate I was planning to filch from my kids’ Halloween bags if we can just get on with our lives. I am so tired of the emails, homilies, blog posts, conversations, television shows, commercials, robo-calls, etc etc etc telling me who to vote for and why.

I am voting the way I am voting and that’s that.

Keep your darn emails to yourself. Stop trying to get me to change my mind with emotional tripe and carefully edited YouTube videos.

Does anyone out there REALLY believe that either McCain or Obama is ACTUALLY GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Give me a frickin break.

I just want to go back to deleting your stupid forwards of ridiculous warnings that you should have checked out on Snopes before forwarding to everyone in your address book! Is that too much to ask?

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