Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Work

Today is our first day back to our usual routine, after a three-week break. I am ready. I think the kids are ready, too. At least, there's been very little struggle so far... from all of us.

After mass this morning, I actually dusted off the treadmill and hopped on. (And I mean literally dusted off... about 1/4" of dust had built up on that poor, neglected machine). Right at 9am, BigBro and Princess grabbed their books and pencils and got started. Princess amazed me with her latest academic growth spurt. We picked up a brand-new (to her) beginning reader this morning, and she just started reading. There was one sight word I needed to supply for her, and one word she needed to sound out. The remainder of the book she And giggled as she went (it was a very silly little story). Right now, she is cranking through the math book she had set aside months ago.

Even BigBro, who usually complains a bit before settling in to work, didn't this morning. (Praise the Lord!).

Here's hoping the rest of the week continues in the same vein!

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