Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quiet Moments

We are in the post-dinner quiet space. This is "Daddy's Time," when I usually disappear upstairs or behind the laptop, and the kids work out any pent-up energy, rolling around on the floor with DH. But DH is out of town this week. I still need the post-dinner quiet time, and the kids still need a break from me.

BigBro and Princess are playing some sort of computer game in the school room. I hear lots of cooperative language and laughter coming from there. It's a lovely sound.

LilBro is curled up on the couch next to me, playing with BigBro's Nintendo DS. LilBro is actually pretty good at the DS. He's certainly a lot better than I am. But mostly, he loves to crash the cars into walls, drive off cliffs and into lakes. He giggles a lot, and keeps a running commentary going as he plays "Mario Kart" (I think. Could be "Cars.")

I am enjoying the warmth of his head on my upper arm, the sweet scent of his freshly washed hair wafting up to me every now and again. I am not listening to his commentary, but I am finding such peace in hearing his chatter.

These days, I am trying my best to soak up all the sweetness, innocence, and wonder that is LilBro. Just as I got to enjoy his babyhood more than the others', I am definitely enjoying his entry into the Land of Preschoolers. He has the most joyful and excited facial expressions. And he does a great job getting his point across, even ... or maybe especially ... when he mixes up his words.

"I'm too hard of cleaning," he will whine every time I tell him it's time to do clean up. I love how he asks to sit on my "wap." ("lap", for those of you without three year olds at home). Or how quickly his mood changes from sweet to sour, from content to cantankerous, from tempered to temper tantrum.

Maybe because it's my third (and final) time through these minefields, I am enjoying him more. I am more amused by him. I get involved in his tantrums less. I worry less about the language mix-ups and the bouts of moodiness. I giggle more, cuddle more, and thank God more for each little moment, each slobbery kiss, each clumsy attempt at independence, each tear and smile and bounce. And especially for the quiet moments, just being together.

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