Friday, January 9, 2009

Sleeping Around

Last night, at bedtime, we had this exchange:

LilBro: Mama, are you going to sleep in Daddy's bed tonight?

Me: Mmm hmmm

LilBro: The WHOLE night?

Me: Yes

LilBro: But I want you to sleep with ME!

Ahhh, LilBro, you got your wish didn't you. At 3:23, Princess came into our room, shaking in fear of imagined dragons, and I squeezed in next to her, Dora, three Teddy Bears, a stuffed pig and two baby dolls. Sleep was fitful, with wrong pillow configurations and way too many extraneous bed companions. But that visit was short-lived.

Twenty-five minutes later, you emerged from across the hall, squinty eyed and whiny. "Mama, I need you to sleep with MEEEEEE." So, I bid the stuffed friends adieu and stumbled across the hall. Scooping you up, I got a whiff of your sleepy scent, and planted a kiss on the side of your forehead.

"Skooch over and make room for me," I whispered, so as not to wake BigBro in the next bed. You wrapped your little arms around me, held me tight, and together we drifted off. Again, my sleep was fitful, with wrong pillow configurations and a very wiggly companion. An hour later, I awoke, slipped out of your bed, stumbled down the hall and back into my comfortable bed, with all the right pillow configurations and a sleepy squeeze of my hand from DH.

Another ordinary night of sleeping around....

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