Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Being a Troublemaker

The problem with being the outspoken voice in the crowd, the argumentative one, the one always asking "Why?" and "How come?" and "But what if?" is that you get a reputation of sorts.

And when the same person is often at the receiving end of your questions, your arguments, your outspokenness, a general perception of you is formed in that person's mind.

So, when you attempt to send a complimentary, upbeat, excited email to that person, he may read it from a place of dread, he may skip over the bulk of the email, and he may respond with an angry, argumentative message that has absolutely no bearing at all on the content of the original email.

And your response is a very frustrated, "HUH???????????"


Two more (somewhat frustrated) emails and a phone call later... and it appears that all is once again quiet on the western front.

For now....

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