Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Quiet Praise of My Firstborn

BigBro doesn't get a lot of airtime on this blog. Mostly because the littler ones are always saying the "cute" little things that strike me as "blog-able."

But today, BigBro needs some applause.

DH has spent the past five months turning our disgusting, unfinished, eyesore-of-a-basement into his own personal man-cave/indoor stadium. But that's another post altogether. This Friday is DH's birthday, and the grand-opening party for his man-cave/indoor stadium. Which means that this week is filled with all the last-minute details required to get the man-cave completed. And I've been helping him as graciously as I can.

But that leaves the rest of the house quickly falling into utter disarray.

Enter BigBro.

This morning, I explained to all of the kids that I had a list of items to complete in the basement, and I needed their help in cleaning up the ever-growing messes on the main floor of the house. BigBro took the lead in getting the clutter and toys put away, then vacuumed the entire main floor.

After a short break and snack, he is sitting here, working through a page of math. His cat, Racer, stretched out next to him on the rug. BigBro leaned over, scratched Racer's belly, and then told Racer, "I can't scratch you all day. I have to do my school, too. It's not just about you, Racer."

Some days, my smiles just can't get any bigger!

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