Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Little of This... A Little of That

My thoughts aren't together for any sort of formal post right now, but I still feel the urge to get something down. So, here goes:

  • We are done with first grade!!!! LilBro had me up in the middle of the night last night, and I started thinking about how I am really dragging this year out, when I just want to be at the zoo, biking on the trail, and otherwise enjoying the spring with my kids. So, this morning, I went back over the planner and BigBro's books. He tested out of spelling and math, finished his geography and religion books, and I shelved cursive until August. We celebrated with leftover birthday cake and a bike ride on the trail. WHOO-HOO!!!! Summer break is here!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Speaking of breaks, what fun we have scheduled for the rest of this week: strawberry picking tomorrow, the children's museum on Thursday (after three well-child visits at the pediatrician... I may need the bribe!), the zoo on Friday morning. This weekend, DH and I will put together the playhouse that Santa dropped off all the way back in December. And next weekend, we'll start getting the pool ready for the summer season.

  • We have a busy summer planned already... the kids have a week of camp (whoo-hoo... time off for me!) in mid-June, BigBro has a cub scout fishing camp the following week, then all three are in Bible camp in mid-July. After that, we will travel to NC to visit my parents for a week. By the time we get settled back in here, it will be August, and I'll be getting ready to pull the books off the shelves again and start the new year. Even with all that's scheduled, though, we will have lots and lots of lazy days in the pool, with popsicles and friends.

  • I booked two nights at the Hermitage in the beginning of July. Last night, DH and I were talking about how good that time away is for me. I pulled out the calendar, we picked dates for my next get-away, and I shot an email to Larry. This morning, I had a confirmation email promising my favorite Hermitage on the dates I needed. Something peaceful to look forward to... just about six weeks from now.

  • Speaking of "good for me" things, Father and I met for spiritual direction last night. A very "good for me" thing. And always, always the spark of really meaningful conversations with DH.

  • Popsicle season is here. My kids are outside right now, hanging on the swingset, eating their first popsicles of the season. I'd been corralled into buying some last week in the grocery store, and had promptly forgotten about them until 10 minutes ago. Three very happy, slightly sticky smiles are pointing my way as I sit here and write.

Well, that's about it for now. Time to get dinner started and BigBro off to baseball practice.

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