Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blessings of the Week - vol. 10

The man-its-almost-too-hot-to-move version of weekly blessings:


I survived this week. Ok, maybe that's cheating just a bit, but this week was nuts. Every single day had 5 or more commitments, most of which included me watching other people's kids. I practically needed a Ph.D. to interpret the carpool arrangements for fishing camp, and still things got screwed up there. But I made it through... and without getting too overwhelmed or frustrated.


Three successful dental visits. Hooray! We are good for another six months. Everyone cooperated. No one had cavities. And I survived the hour and fifteen minutes in the 4' x 3' waiting room with 2 children at any given time. Now that's a blessing.


Volunteering at the Food Pantry. My once-a-month evening at the food pantry pushes me out of my comfort zone again and again. Every single time, I come away moved or changed... and still it takes all that is in me to go back again the next month. This week, I was blessed twice: first, by my inclusion in an IT meeting with several volunteers and the pantry director. It's been 7 years since I left IT. Most places would have written me off. But they listened to my thoughts and opinions, and reminded me why I loved IT so much back then.

Second, I assisted a client who told me about his wife, who had gall bladder surgery a week ago. They have no health insurance, and she was having post-surgical complications. She was treated in the ER earlier that day and was then sent home. He hurried through his shopping to get home to her... he was worried about her and hated to be away from her. Over and over, I am touched by the trust that the clients place in us. I promised him that I would keep his wife, Karen, in my prayers. Would you please do the same?


And you... even amidst the heat wave, surely God's hand can be seen?

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