Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blessings of the Week, vol. 9


CAMP. This week, all three kids attended summer camps. They had a lot of fun, learning and playing with other kids, and I had hours to myself every single day. I was able to grocery shop alone during the day, take a 2-hour nap one day, enjoy an extended Spiritual Direction meeting, and generally tend to household and personal duties in complete and total peace and quiet. It was an absolute gift and a true blessing.

And I can't wait til next week, when we can get back to sleeping in, making lunches at noon, and enjoying my kids all day long again!


AIR CONDITIONING. This week started out cool and monsoon-y. Wednesday, when the rains finally stopped, the temperature shot into the 90s, and has camped out there ever since. For the first time this year, I turned on the A/C, and I am -- once again -- so very grateful to live in an age (and an income bracket) that includes central air conditioning. I didn't grow up with central A/C. I grew up sweating, tossing and turning all night long in front of the tiny fan in my bedroom. DH is an A/C junkie, and it took some measure of compromise early in our marriage to determine the when and hows of A/C. But when the temps are in the 90s, there is no compromise needed... A/C is a luxurious necessity.


COMPASSIONATE COUNSEL. This week included several extended painful conversations with some people close to me. There's a lot of muck that I am working through internally right now. I am deeply grateful for the blessings of compassion, truth, wisdom, and experience that I have received (and that I will continue to receive) as I fight the good fight with these internal demons. To all of you wise ones out there, thank you. God bless you.


And you... how has God blessed you this week?


  1. muck muck muck
    my mom talks about trying to walk through mud: we work really hard at it and don't get very far.
    but I know it's important work, so keep on keepin' on.
    sending lots of love

  2. Thanks, Carin. Sending the love right back up north to you, too!