Monday, June 22, 2009

On Cardinals and Redbirds

I mentioned that we have some cardinals living in our neighbor's tree, and spending a great deal of their time in our backyard. Because we live in St. Louis (and are a family of Cardinals fans), we've named the male cardinal Albert Pujols.

We have a lot of fun with that. It always gets a giggle when one of us points out Albert Pujols walking across the driveway, or resting on the side of the pool.

This afternoon, one of Princess' friends was visiting us. Albert Pujols flew overhead, and we introduced the little friend to Albert Pujols.

She immediately said, "No. That's not Albert Pujols. I met Albert Pujols." (She did. She was in a commercial with him a few months ago).

I laughed, and started to explain our little family joke. Before I got any further, she stopped me.

"Jen, that's not Albert Pujols. That's Rick Ankiel."


  1. NO FREAKIN' WAY!! (can I say that?)

    My apologies to the rest of the world who may read this, explanations would take too long, but you cannot believe how cool this is!!

    from: little cardinal fans mom

  2. Wow, she knows a cardinal when she sees one!
    From Little cardnals fan's Astros loving aunt.