Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blessings of the Week - vol. 12


DH's safe trip/return. DH was gone all week for work. This was the first time he's had to travel since the end of March (and while it's always harder with him gone, it's much harder when we aren't used to it). But he had a safe trip to and from the east, returning last night to a very happy-to-see-him wife. There is blessing in the safe trip, in the good and valuable work done, and also in my missing him. Sometimes it's good to be reminded just how much I love him, just how very precious he is to me, my very-best-friend-in-the-world.


Exercising again. After a really committed winter of regular treadmill time, I hit an emotional speed bump in early May, and quit exercising. Last month, I confessed to Father that I had not been taking care of myself, and furthermore, I didn't want to. Just leave me alone, thank you very much. Father suggested that I pray for the willingness to care for myself, to love myself as God does. I didn't have to get back on the treadmill. It was enough to pray for the willingness to get on the treadmill.

Well, that I could do. And so I prayed as I walked past the dust-covered treadmill. After a few weeks of praying, I began to think about cleaning off the dust and firing the baby back up. A few days later, I did just that.

Now, I have completed two weeks of regular, aerobically challenging exercise. I am finding myself looking forward to my time on the treadmill every day. And I keep on praying for the willingness to continue to care for myself.

It is a real blessing to be caring for myself and to care about caring for myself again.


Our swimming pool. I realize that we are blessed to own a swimming pool. Our above-ground pool gets a lot of action all summer long, filled with friends and kids laughing and splashing. The kids and I are in there practically every single day all summer long. This summer, I've watched as Princess learns to swim on her own without any flotation help, as she battles her fears and dog-paddles her way around the perimeter of the pool. BigBro is working on mastering the crawl stroke and refining his multiple variations of the cannonball jump.

Today, we are hosting BigBro's baseball team, Princess' t-ball team, LilBro's t-ball team and their families for a massive pool party. Much fun, laughter, friendship and splashing will be had. And the opportunity to share our blessing with our friends multiplies the sweetness of it all.


And you... how have you seen His hand in your life this week?

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