Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blessings of the Week - vol. 19

The hey-today-I-am-running-a-5K version:


Princess is ok. After our little scare and trip to the ER on Tuesday morning, Princess has bounced back quickly, and is doing just fine. Thank God for the blessings of healthcare, health insurance, antibiotics, and especially that, this time, her pain could be relieved without any extraordinary measures.


The start of my Quiet Fridays. Yesterday was the first Friday morning that all of my kids were in school: BigBro and Princess at homeschool enrichment classes, and LilBro at preschool (which he absolutely loves, by the way). I didn't do anything incredibly exciting with my free time, just some errands that were better done without the entourage, but it is a blessing in my life all the same. What a win-win: they have fun, I get some free time, and we all come back together happy to see each other.


The completion of 2 really smooth weeks of school. We're two weeks in, and all is going well so far. We have the start of a great routine. I get my mass/prayer/run done early, and we all gather in the school room at 8:30 for prayer, saint of the week, poem of the week, and Pledge of Allegience. Then, LilBro wanders off to put puzzles together, create with play dough, or play with his cars. Princess and I go over the calendar, weather, and get started on her phonics. Meanwhile, BigBro works through the subjects he can do independently, setting aside those that require my attention. When Princess is done with her work (and sometimes, when she is completing an assignment independently), BigBro and I work together.

We finish by lunch nearly every day, and our afternoons are filled with activities, chores, and play dates. I really wasn't sure how it would go with two students at such different levels, but it's working well (so far). I think it helps BigBro that Princess is working, too. He's not the only one "stuck doing school" while the others are off playing. Of course, there's still the grumbling that he has more work to do than his sister. Such is the case with being the oldest... there's always something that seems "unfair" (until you look at things like privileges or bedtimes, of course!).


Have you taken the time to thank Him for all the ways He's blessed you this week?

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