Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Work in Progress

Sometimes I am amazed when I step back and look - really look - at this lump of clay that the Potter is attempting to shape in His own image. This clay is misshapen, pock-marked, riddled with broken bits and hardened pieces. And every morning, He gently picks it up, warms it in His hands, and begins again the process of shaping and molding me.

What part do I play in this process?

I am learning. I am learning to bend my will to the Potter's, and not to fight the pressure of His hands. I am learning to pause and listen ... to Him and not my ego.

I am learning to stop throughout my day and reorient toward Him. It's not enough for me to think about stopping and reorienting. It's not enough for me to attempt the reorientation without stopping. For neither of those brings me any closer to Him.

No, I must stop. I must pause all activity. I need to turn toward Him consciously. Invite Him into my day. Place myself once more in the palm of His hands, feel His warmth smoothing my rough spots, softening the places which have begun to harden.

The days when I fight it, get too busy for it, or just plain forget the stop, I become an idol. I cease remembering that I am clay, that it is not about me. It's about the beauty and usefulness the Potter can bring forth from me.

It's not about me. It's about Him. His plans. His goals. His hands. His clay. His creation.


  1. Do you make a daily offering when you wake up?

  2. Carrie,

    I do start my day with a morning offering. But, my SD has been telling me for nearly a year that I need a prayer break around lunch. Actually, a break that has some time for prayer in it, is, I think, what he keeps telling me. (Somehow celibate men never can really "get" being a stay-at-home-mom... he thinks I am slightly insane for doing so, however much he enjoys my kids in small doses).

    Well, I finally gave in and started the process of pausing midday for quiet and prayer, even if all I can grab is 10 minutes. And it does make a difference. Though, like any discipline, I am still learning to remember to do it.

    I am a work in progress. Thank God for that! :)

    Have a great weekend!