Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blessings of the Week - vol. 23

Another full week has zoomed by. I pause to reflect on His Presence in it all:


My parish community. Sunday morning, BigBro sang in the Children's choir for the first time at mass, and after mass, we hung out in the cafeteria for an hour and a half, visiting with friends new and old. It was Stewardship weekend for our Archdiocese, but it felt a lot more like Fellowship Weekend. A reminder, once again, what a blessing it is to be raising our family in this parish community.


Our Plumbing Problem - solved. About 6 weeks ago, we had a sewage backup in the unfinished part of our basement. (Yuck!) Turns out that we had a broken pipe under the foundation. It took about a month to get the insurance adjuster out, get bids, and get permits. Finally, this week, the floor was jackhammered, the broken pipe replaced, and concrete repoured. It was a bigger job than originally thought (hoped), and cost a bit more (of course), but the pipe is fixed, and, we pray, our plumbing issues are resolved (at least for a while).


The Start of Scouts. This week saw BigBro's first Cub Scout meeting of the year, his first Pack Meeting (run by new Cubmaster DH) of the year, and Princess' first Daisy meeting. I love Scouts. I love the skills, the team work, the activities, and the cute uniforms. I'm proud of what my kids have learned/are learning in scouts. And I love how adorable DH is in the Cubmaster uniform. I'm so proud of him... the warmth and encouragement he gives to each of the 40 or so scouts in 1st-5th grades.

Princess was so excited to be starting Daisies. She couldn't stop talking about it all week leading up to Thursday's meeting. She bounced up and down as she waited for the leaders to meet us at the parish center with the kindergarten girls. She waved and smiled as we left her with her troop. And she bounded up the steps to us, filled with glee, when we picked her up again. DH got the full report at dinner.

And again, I'm reminded what a blessing my parish community is.


Where have you seen His Hand in your life this week?

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