Friday, September 18, 2009

Nuggets from the Past Week

LilBro, being 3 1/2, is full of questions these days. I marvel at just how many I can answer (and am eternally grateful for Google when I don't know the answer. How on earth did anyone ever mother a preschooler before the internet?)

A random sampling of the ones I can remember:

  • Mom, do squirrels like soap?

  • Mom, how do they make apples? oranges? bananas?

  • Mom, how do they make shopping carts?

  • Mom, do dogs like to eat grass?

  • Mom, how do they make cars?

  • Mom, do fish like to eat sharks?

  • Mom, why do sharks eat fish?

It's pretty cool that he believes I can answer any question and know nearly everything about everything. The real challenge will come in about a decade... if only I can have an answer ready when he starts asking the hard questions, we'll be just fine.

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