Thursday, September 3, 2009

So, I've noticed

that on the weeks when DH is out of town, I hardly post at all on the blog. And when he is here, I am overflowing with posts.

Hmmm... I would have thought the opposite: that without him to talk to, I have so much more to write.

But, perhaps, I write less because I am more tired. Because there is no break at the end of the day. No gentle hug and welcoming smile. No moment when my hazel eyes lock with his baby blues. Our voices connect over air, but we lack all physical connection.

We are only two trips into this marathon of business trips scheduled this fall. Then a breather for the holidays, and the marathon picks up again in January. So, barring any major surprises, this ebb and flow of travel is here to stay.

I miss him terribly when he is gone. It's easier now, with the kids older, less dependent, and with the safety nets I set in place (prayer, exercise, friends). But it's still so very hard.

Tonight, he returns. As I sit and write this, he is flying 30,000 feet above us, 500+ mph, rushing home to our welcoming embraces.

For this, I cannot wait.

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