Monday, September 21, 2009

Surprising Conversations

My kids often make me stop and pause throughout the day. Sometimes in frustration, often in utter silliness. Today, all three of them caught me completely by surprise:

This morning, I told Princess it was time to clean up the school room table, put the markers and scissors into the proper boxes and recycle the scraps of paper.

"No, Mommy. I'm busy making the Body of Christ."

That needed to be seen. Sure enough, she was cutting out small circles of paper, carefully coloring them, and making a small cross on them. By the time she was done, she'd made about a dozen small hosts, a larger host "for the priest," a chalice and a cloth, all out of paper.


Not to be outdone in the "surprise Mom" category, I overheard this exchange between the boys in the car this afternoon:

Mumbling, beginning sounds of an argument brewing.

BigBro: Hey, remember what we decided earlier? About how we were tired of going in so many time-0uts for fighting?

LilBro: Yeah! We said we weren't gonna fight anymore.

BigBro: That's right. So, whenever we start fighting, let's just tell each other we're not gonna fight, and then stop. Ok?

LilBro: Ok!

Mumbling and whining was replaced by cooperative language and a friendly conversation.


Wonder what they've got in store for tomorrow?

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