Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blessings of the Week - vol. 28

The Halloween version of my blessings:


Three Hour Lunch Last Sunday. I mentioned it earlier in the week, but last Sunday's brunch with my friend from church was a real blessing in this week. What a gift to connect with another person, and to know that a real friendship is growing from that connection.


Lots of Halloween Fun. I never used to pay much attention to Halloween (which is one of DH's all-time, favorite holidays). This year, we have had an entire week of fun... beginning with last Saturday night's "Trunk or Treat" at church, through the homeschool Halloween party on Tuesday and the adults-only costume party on Friday night. Tonight, we are hanging with our good friends... for dinner, trick-or-treating, and some s'mores around the fire pit (because there aren't enough sweets to go around without adding s'mores!). We've certainly gotten our fill of Halloween fun this year! (And we even got the jack-o-lantern carved... better than last year!)


Princess' Early Morning Company. Thursday morning, when I returned from mass, I found Princess sitting in the family room, tights half-on, crying. She had wanted to go to mass with me, but hadn't awakened in time. "Please, please, Mommy, please wake me up tomorrow." So, Friday morning, I slipped into her room at 5:55 AM, helped her dress quickly and quietly, and we headed out into the rainy darkness. She curled up in the corner of the loveseat in the Deacon's office as we prayed Morning Prayer, joining us for the Our Father near the end of our prayer time. Then we settled into the chapel for mass.

I don't know if she realizes just how much it means to me that she is there. I love having her company. I love the little extra time for us together. I love the very real reminder of why I am here, what my true purpose is. It is just an absolutely incredible blessing that she wants to get up early and be a part of my morning routine. Her presence adds another layer of sacredness to my quiet time with the Lord.


Will you join me in welcoming November with a grateful heart?

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