Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blessings of the Week - vol. 29


BigBro's First Reconciliation. It was a wonderful blessing this week to watch BigBro celebrate Reconciliation. Our pastor made the night so very special for him, and made this first experience one he will never forget. Once again, I'm reminded just how blessed we are to be in this parish.


DH's Car Dying This Week. Seems like an odd blessing, no? But, we've known for a long time that DH's 14 year old car was not going to last forever. This week, we learned that it needs significantly more work than it's worth. The blessing is that we can make do with one car for the next two to three months with only a minimal amount of adjustment. We have the time we need to find a reasonably priced, well-maintained replacement.


DH's Annual Fishing Trip. My sweet husband is spending the next five days fishing with his buddies. He tried to go with the guys last April, but had to miss the trip when his mom's longtime companion died. He almost missed this trip. He was questioned for a two-week jury duty assignment for a day and a half this week. He was released from jury duty, and the next day, his car died. Thankfully, he was able to grab a ride with his brother. I am so very happy for him. I hope he has good weather, the fish are biting, and the stories and beer flow freely. He so needs and deserves this break.


Where has He blessed you this week?

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