Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blessings of the Week - Vol. 30

The Dear Husband edition:


DH's Fishing Trip. He had 6 days of gorgeous weather, biting fish, and lots of laughter. His annual trip with the guys was blessed by good weather and good times. It's a blessing that he was able to go, and that he had such a wonderful time.


DH's Return. He returned on Wednesday afternoon, to a very worn-out and happy to see him wife, thrilled to see him kids, and a new car. What a blessing he is to me... and how wonderful to recognize just how much I need my best friend/husband/partner.


DH's New Car. When DH's car died last week, I optimistically thought we might be able to survive as a one-car family for a month or two. But when faced with needing to be in two different places at the same time this weekend, in the midst of other stresses and single parenting, I couldn't handle it. A quick Craigslist search brought up the car of our dreams (and my prayers)... literally, the elderly lady who drove it to church, the doctor, and the grocery store. The car is 4 years old, but has only 9,000 miles and is in pristine condition... and cost exactly what we had saved to buy a replacement car. Truly, this car came to us as a real blessing this week.


Care to join me in praising God this week?

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