Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blessings of the Week - vol. 31

The late November edition:


A Good Week. This week was a very busy one, but productive and fun all the same. The older kids and I painted some pottery one day. I got paid to eat ice cream one night! We had dinner with friends on two different days. It was a full and blessed week in ever so many ways!


Thanksgiving Break. We are officially on break... all 5 of us. DH takes off Thanksgiving week every year (not a bad trade: a whole week of vacation for 3 days). After the fall-full-of-travel, it is just glorious to have him all to ourselves for 9 uninterrupted days! And it's just as wonderful to have a break from the book-work and daily grind for me and the kids. There are movies to be seen, family pictures to take, a turkey-and-fixins to cook, and some quiet family time to be enjoyed.


Organized and De-cluttered bedrooms. My kids' bedrooms tend to become the black holes of our house. Stuff disappears in there forever, and the mess never seems to be more than contained. But this week, we spent a few hours decluttering, getting rid of the never-played-with, filling a kitchen-sized trash bag, and organizing all that remained. The end result: each room now has a little reading nook, the tops of dressers are cleaned off and neat, and the kids have been enjoying their rooms and toys a lot more. Inspired by the visual peace of their rooms, I tackled my nightstand/bookshelf and the creeping mess of books and magazines that spread out from there. In less than an hour, I transformed my bedroom from ok to sanctuary. (Now, if only I could convince DH to do the same with his side of the room... hmmm.... a Thanksgiving break project?)


As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, won't you join me in thanking Him for all the blessings He's bestowed on you?

Have a blessed and fun Thanksgiving!

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  1. Can you believe you have been "counting your blessings" for 31 weeks! ---a reminder to us all!

    Happy Thanksgiving!