Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mom, I Can't Stop Smiling!

Last night, BigBro celebrated his first Reconciliation with our Pastor. We planned this private celebration last month, after learning that DH was scheduled to be out of town the same week that our parish celebrates First Reconciliation with the second graders in early January. We both felt that it was more important for DH to be present for the Sacrament than to wait and celebrate with his peers.

Our Pastor is a wonderful man, who was more than willing to accommodate us. DH and I wanted to make this night really memorable for BigBro. We hired a sitter for our other children, so that this could be his "special" night.

We met Pastor in the parish center at 6pm, and the four of us gathered in Pastor's office to begin with prayer. Then DH and I left BigBro and Pastor alone to celebrate the Sacrament. When they were done, Pastor invited us back into his office. After Pastor's sweet words about what a fine, young man our son is growing into, DH and I presented BigBro with a little gift. He was thrilled to find a statue of his patron saint, St. Patrick. Pastor blessed the statue for him, and then took a picture of the three of us.

Pastor then celebrated Reconciliation with both DH and me. While DH was in Pastor's office, several parishioners entered the parish center for Tuesday evening mass. They know us and our family. I mentioned to all that BigBro had just celebrated his first Reconciliation, and they showered him with congratulations and blessings.

Finally, we took BigBro out for dinner at The Olive Garden (his pick). He thoroughly enjoyed his meal, his "shirley temple" and a yummy, chocolatey dessert. DH and I thoroughly enjoyed the time with our oldest son... who is growing and changing so quickly.

I asked BigBro how he felt about the Sacrament. He said that it was easier than he'd expected. Pastor was gentle and kind, and very encouraging. "I can't stop smiling, Mom. It just feels so good."

I know, BigBro. That's exactly why I love this Sacrament so very much. It just feels so good.

May God bless you, dear son. May He keep you safe, and close to His heart always.

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