Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blessings of the Week - vol. 35


Finally finding myself in Advent. I've had a rough Advent. You probably noticed the lack of posting. This week, I finally got ahead of my to-do list and the crush of too many responsibilities and too little time. AND... even more importantly, I got back to the real Advent. I got back to solid prayer and intentional quiet time with God. It has been a huge blessing, and even though there hasn't been time for blogging, there has been time for prayer. And that is about as good as it can get this time of year.


Holiday Break is Here! We eased our way into the Christmas break with a light academic load this week. We had two field trips to the science center, and lots of time for Christmas crafts. The big benefit: we start this Christmas break in a good frame of mind and not completely worn out and annoyed with each other. And even with the lighter load, we've still logged more than half the hours we need for this school year... which reminds me that we can do this every now and again in the second half of the year, too!


Our Annual Holiday Party is Today! Every December, we host an open house party the weekend before Christmas. Every year, the guest list grows, reflecting the new connections we've made through the year. Yesterday, DH and I got the house cleaned and organized, and the food prepped. Today, we can relax in the morning (I am going to Centering Prayer... yay!) and then kick back for a really fun and chaotic afternoon of friends, kids, laughter and good cheer!


Merry Christmas to all of you!!! Don't forget to take a few moments in this holy season to thank God for all of your blessings amidst the merriment and fun.

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