Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Found: Geocache!

We did it! After weeks of talking about it, we went geocache hunting yesterday afternoon. It was an absolutely gorgeous day... a real treat for December 1. We were supposed to go to a homeschooler game day at the library, but none of us could bear to be stuck inside.

Princess suggested a hike at the sculpture park. BigBro said there were many geocaches hidden there. A quick internet search brought us to some clues, and before we knew it, we were hiking in the woods, following directions, searching for... well, we weren't exactly sure what.

We only found 1 cache yesterday, but the kids were really excited. BigBro took a Pokemon card from the cache and left a little green alien toy in its place. There was a stamp inside it, so each of the kids got their hand stamped, too.

As we wandered around the rest of the park, we bumped into a photographer from the newspaper. He was looking to get some photos of people enjoying the park, and asked if we would mind him tagging along with us. I explained the geocache hunt, answered a bunch of his questions about homeschooling, and he stayed with us for awhile.

We never uncovered any of the other ones... but we've got a better idea of what we want to put in our own caches now. And, when we get that rare nice day this winter, I think I know exactly what we'll do to enjoy it!


  1. We did it once, it's kinda fun, huh? (and it was just us, Hannah wasn't even big enough to get it at the time!)

    Are you going to be in the paper?


  2. We may end up in the paper. He wasn't writing the article. His job was just to get "art." He did spend about 45 minutes with us, and took a bunch of photos, so if it meets their needs, we should make it. Of course, he was really unsure when it would print: Thursday or Friday or Saturday or Sunday or sometime next week.

    We don't get the paper, so I need to try to remember to pick one up for the next few days. :)

    It's so crazy. We don't seek it out (at least I don't), but man, don't we look like the publicity hounds these days! :)

  3. yeah, sure you don't! lol

    --as it happens, however, I KNOW better!