Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On Being 4

On Tuesday, LilBro ran into my room at 6:55am: "Mom, do you know that I am really 4?"

That's right, dear son... you are really 4. And we've had a wonderful time celebrating this milestone with you. As soon as Christmas ended, you started the countdown to your birthday. Monday night, before bed, you opened presents with Grammy and PopPop (who had to leave early on Tuesday morning). We celebrated on Tuesday with our neighbors, and then with a visit to America's Incredible Pizza Company. What a fun and exciting day for my not-so-little-anymore boy.

You continue to be delighted that you are now "a big kid." BigBro overheard you talking to yourself, describing all the things that 4 year olds do which "little kids, who are 3" don't do. I'm not really sure what's on that list, but I do know that I continue to be so very grateful for the chance to watch you grow and learn and change and become all the more you every single day.

I love you, my 4 year old! Happy Birthday!

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