Friday, January 1, 2010

Why I Run

I didn't run between Thanksgiving and Christmas, not because I didn't want to run, but because I couldn't seem to fit it in (or nearly anything else specifically for me, for that matter).

For Christmas, DH bought me a 2010 runners log book, and it has turned out to be the best present I've gotten. This book is right up my alley... with spaces to carry forward mileage from week to week, month to month, race charts, weekly mileage bar graphs, and lots of inspirational quotes/articles.

In the quiet of these few days between my parents' visit and the return to the usual busyness of "regular life," I've dusted off the treadmill, tied on my running shoes again, and rekindled my love of this exercise.

So, here, while I have them fresh in my mind, are the top 10 reasons why I run:

10. Endorphins, baby. Who needs antidepressants when you have a treadmill?

9. Because I am competitive, and running is a competitive sport... even if the only person I am competing against is myself.

8. The results are measurable... whether in longer running times, faster running times, quicker resting pulse return, or any combination of the above.

7. I can do it anywhere: on the treadmill, on the track, in the park, around the block.

6. The obvious health benefits of regular, consistent, aerobic exercise.

5. Because I love the race atmosphere (though not enough to race in the frigid weather!)

4. Praise music on my iPod... praying with my body and my mind.

3. I am learning that taking care of myself is very important: for me and for my family.

2. I am less stressed and more emotionally stable when I run regularly.

1. Because I never thought I could, but I learned in 2009 that I actually can... and I love proving myself wrong!

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