Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blessings of the Week - vol. 48


DH's Safe Return. DH spent this entire week in New York, teaching a new class for work. We missed him terribly. It was his first business trip in four months, and it was the longest trip he's had in years. He returned late last night, in the middle of "Family Movie Night," to squeals and hugs and big smiles all around.


Family Movie Night. We've been using a new discipline system for about a month now. It's significantly cut down on the yelling, and has been very effective in quelling the squabbling and fighting among the kids. The bonus: when the kids have earned enough "good behavior" days, we celebrate with a Family Movie Night. Last night, I picked up some cheese pizzas and a copy of "The Sound of Music." We set up camp on the family room rug, dug into the pizza, and were transported back to Salzburg circa 1939.


Solo Time. Yesterday morning, while the kids were at their activities, I took an hour-long bike ride. It was glorious (though, admittedly, cold. I should have checked the weather first, or at least worn gloves!). Then, in the afternoon, one of the neighbor girls came by to watch the kids for me. I spent a little over an hour in the Adoration chapel, just soaking up the quiet time with the Lord. Then, a quick stop at the video store, grocery store and pizza shop before returning home to happy kids.


Please join me in praising the Lord for all your blessings this week!

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  1. Those special quiet times by yourself are so wonderful! My quiet time is when I get to go to work - no radio, work basically alone most of the night, and just the hum of the machines and my thoughts.

    I like the movie night idea. We started a special event for the month if they are good. (bowling, Dave and Buster's, movie, etc). It works pretty well. My hardest days are when Brian is there.