Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blessings of the Week - vol.45


Warmer Temps. They've started to make an appearance at the end of this week... and the next week is promising us 50s! WOW! My heart is leaping for joy at the thought of being warm enough to be comfortable sitting on a park bench, watching the kids play. Praise be to God that this long, cold winter is almost over!


Being Pushed Outside My Comfort Zone. Last week, I took the kids to the children's museum, and Princess befriended another 6 year old girl in the Fairy Tale section. At Princess' insistence, I jotted my email and phone number down for the girl's mom. She gave me hers, and I tucked it in my wallet, never really intending to call her. All weekend, Princess nagged me about calling her. Monday, after lunch, I gave in and called. We met at a McDonald's Playland on Friday afternoon... and all of us had a lovely time. Princess and Friend were a solid match. Her mom and I had the most delightful conversation about adoption (Friend was adopted from China), Jesus, and homeschooling. And I am happy that stepping outside my comfort zone has led to the beginning of this new friendship... for Princess and for me.


Date Night! Last night, DH and I went on a date! (Imagine that!) We used to be so good about making date night a priority every single month, but have completely gotten away from that in the past year or so, allowing one thing and another to fill the calendar instead. And, in the process, losing, to some degree, our connection as spouses and not just parents in this marriage. Last night was a good start... and I've already blocked out date nights on the calendar for the next several months. This blessing is two-fold: having alone-time with DH again... and realizing just how important it is for both of us.


Won't you join me in offering thanks for your week filled with blessings?

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