Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blessings of the Week - vol.51


Retreat! As in, I am on a retreat. As in, I packed a bag and drove to a retreat site, and that is the full extent of the work I am doing this weekend. (Well, external work, at any rate. I'm sure God has some internal work planned). It's been 18 months since I've last gone on retreat. What a HUGE blessing this is!


Running. Last Sunday, while running around the high school track, I had a bit of an epiphany. I love running... for the awesome feeling it gives me, because I am taking care of myself, because it calms me. But, I hate the completely self-imposed pressure of the race, where I am focused on time and distance and lose all sight of my love of the sport itself. So... I stopped racing. And since then, I've been running every single day, and absolutely LOVING every minute of it. Go figure. Wonder what other perfectionistic tendencies I can give up to bring more pleasure to my life. Food for prayer?


Spring Weather. This spring weather has been so incredibly awesome for me these past few weeks. Gone is my seasonal depression. Our grass is growing tall where there was just a pile of mud. And I am ever so much more peaceful to be around. Thank God for the seasons!


Please join your prayers of praise with mine this weekend!

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