Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Three Random Things

Ok, so a quick, disjointed post this morning, before I get my crazy day under way.

1). I am in LOVE!!!!!! Wanna see a picture of my new sweetie?

Running in these babies is so incredibly AWESOME. I can run faster, longer, and so much easier than in my heavy "running shoes." They are completely comfortable. My running gait is changing, my ankles and calves are strengthening, and I am just giddy whenever I get a chance to slide into these and hit the ground running.

Don't be surprised if I start wearing these around town, too! (Go ahead and laugh... just don't be surprised).


2). My kids discovered "Tom and Jerry" a few months ago. I grew up watching that show, so I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled when they added it to the DVR list. I've found that it's easier to work on the computer when T & J is on (as opposed to some other cartoon) because there's no dialogue, only music.

This morning, DH was eating breakfast, I was checking email, and the boys were watching T & J all in the same room. Suddenly DH started laughing. T & J were drunk on bottles of liquor, stretched out on the carpet, listening to LPs. I've caught some episodes where T & J were smoking cigarettes. Rather than having my "mom-dar" on high alert, I just laugh at these cultural discrepancies. My kids know how we feel about cigarettes and alcohol. I'm not worried that a crudely drawn cat and mouse cartoon are more influential than we are.

Interesting commentary on our societal changes, though. DH and I grew up watching cartoon characters get drunk and smoke cigarettes, two things that would never fly in modern-day children's television. But, what do our kids get? Too much emphasis on dating and relationships way too early. Parents portrayed, at best, as foolish and out of touch; at worst, as an enemy to be thwarted. In general, adults are not to be trusted.

You know what? My kids can keep on watching T & J for some time to come. Disney channel and Nickelodeon can keep their "children's programming" for some other family.


3) Yesterday morning, Princess joined me for Morning Prayer and mass. She brought along a version of the Stations of the Cross that she had created on her own (complete with her awesome phonetic spelling and drawings!), to share with Father. He emailed me later in the day to thank her for sharing her book, that it had really boosted his faith.

This morning, when I appeared in the office, solo, his disappointment was palpable. "Where's your daughter?" as his neck bent, hopefully, peeking around the corner. "Sleeping." "Oh. So, she's not always up this early?" Again, the hopeful tilt of his voice. "Nope. I have to wake her to go to mass. She needs her sleep, so no more than once a week for her." "Oh."

Nothing like a little dose of humility first thing in the morning.

It's ok, Father. I understand. She really lifts me up, too.

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