Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blessings of the Week - vol. 55


A Wonderful Mother's Day. Last weekend, we had a wonderful afternoon with DH's family, talking and connecting in a way we rarely seem to do. It was a real blessing to have all of his sibs and their spouses together, the kids all happily occupied with each other, and time for everyone to sit and talk with each other.


Being in a position to help. Last week, my friend's mother died suddenly. I felt helpless in the face of his grief, but offered help anyway. A few days later, he called and asked if I could help with some food. Yes. Definitely. Then, a day later, the call for help with child care. Of course. My goodness, anything you need right now. It was such a blessing to be able to help, and a double-blessing that his 2 sons (ages 2 and 8 months) were absolutely delightful. Every one of us enjoyed their spending the day with us.


My Dear Husband. Today is DH's birthday. I can think of no bigger blessing in my life than my husband. So, I pause this morning, and give thanks for this wonderful man, for my best friend, for my confidante, for my partner in parenting, for my number 1 cheering section. Praise God for you in my life, sweet man. I love you!


Please join me this weekend and take a moment to offer thanks for your blessings.

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