Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blessings of the Week - vol. 57


Marriage and More. After a six month hiatus, and a shift in several couples, our Marriage and More group is meeting regularly again. What a huge blessing this group is to our marriage and to our lives. We met again last night, and I had to call the sitter and ask her if she'd mind us being later than planned... and still we had to drag ourselves away from the group. The laughter, the sharing, the stress relief of knowing we are not alone... all of it blesses us. Praise God for this group in our lives.


The Pool! After 10 years of pool ownership, we traded in the chemicals and vacuuming for passes to the local swim club. Wow... this is the best decision we have ever made. The pool opened last weekend, and we made it over there 4 days this week. The kids love it. I love it. DH loves it. A blessing through and through.


Midnight visitors. We're in the midst of a stretch with lots of midnight visitors, usually of the LilBro variety, but occasionally one of his sibs, too. Two years ago, not a night went by that Princess didn't slip between us sometime after midnight. She became quite the stealth expert, oftentimes going unnoticed until dawn. And then, as quickly as it had started, it was done. She rarely appears in our bed nowadays.

LilBro started to come in, quite noisily, about a month ago. He makes it to us about 4 nights a week right now, and we are cherishing these nights... restless sleeper though he is. The other night, BigBro woke me, feeling ill. A short time later, LilBro came barrelling through our door. I jumped out of bed and asked him what he needed. "To sleep with you," he mumbled. "Why? Are you ok? Why do you want to sleep with me?" I asked, still on high-alert after BigBro's illness. "I just want to sleep with you," he whined, as he climbed over me and then attached himself to my back.

We're not sleeping as soundly, but I won't trade these late-night cuddles for sound sleep. I know how quickly the time is going, and am cherishing this blessing while it lasts.


Won't you join me, this Memorial Day weekend, in praising God for all your blessings, and remembering all those who gave their lives in service to another?

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  1. Ahh, the pool. We had my brothers pool last year. The kind you fill the top ring up and fill with water...spent $200 to have water brought in and a bunch in chemicals, only to have it go green by the time we got back from vacation. We could never get it cleared back up. This year, pool passes to Wentzville. It's a half hour drive, but will be worth it and a reward for a good week of lessons through the summer.

    Have a wonderful weekend.