Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blessings of the Week - vol. 58


Family Vacation! Today, we head out to visit my parents in North Carolina, to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday, and to get our fill of sand squishing between our toes. Praise God for the blessing of family time... and for family who live near the ocean.


The Kids' Circus Performance. This week, our older two kids performed a circus act during a local Young Artists' Talent Night. When I signed them up for Circus class last fall, it was the class that fit my schedule and our budget. I have been thrilled with the skills and the confidence they've gained through this class. But nothing prepared me for the utter joy of watching them perform a goofy, well-coordinated clown-baseball game on Thursday night.


Traveling Lighter. It is getting easier as the kids get older. Usually, I spend the week before long car trips running around at night to gather all sorts of treats and surprises. This time, we made a stop at the grocery store, together, to pick out snacks, a stop at the library, together, to pick up some new books, and at Game Stop, together, to get a few new-used video games for their players. We made sure everything was well charged, and each child helped pack his/her own backpack. All I had left to do was clothes and toiletries. It really is getting easier... and that is a wonderful blessing!


Please join my prayers this summer morning, sending forth praise in honor of He Who created it all!

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful trip. We are heading up tho the NE in a couple weeks. I just love the family time away from home. I totally feel blessed in the traveling lighter category. Luca is now potty trained, which means no diapers, however, I still bring extra clothes for those 'oops'. But it is easier to get up and go.