Monday, June 14, 2010

From the road

Well we are about 90 miles from home. This is always the worst part of the trip,
when each of us is done and we just want to be home.

We hit a major delay a few hours back. Thank God for the iPhone
which helped us navigate an alternate route, or we'd still be sitting
in traffic.

The visit with my parents was a good one. The kids did lots of neat
stuff. Princess swam out deep in the ocean. LilBro learned to swim
without flotation aid. BigBro learned the mechanics of the crawl stroke
though he needs some more practice.

Did you figure out we spent the week in our swimsuits? We had 3
days at the beach and 3 in the pool, plus a visit to the amusement
park. Dad's birthday was nice. I'm so happy that we were able to
celebrate this milestone with him.

And now I am looking forward to crossing the Mississippi river, driving
the 8 remaining miles to our home, and stretching out on the couch.



  1. Vacations are wonderful, but it is always good to come full circle and get back home. I can't wait to leave and drive to our destination, but dread the thought of driving back. The RV makes it nicer for us.