Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Sure There's A Homily in Here Somewhere

Yesterday, I had to run a few errands and then drop LilBro at his friend's house for a playdate. We're driving along and he says, "Mom, I'm thinking of someone. You have to guess who it is." Well, I spend about 2 minutes guessing all sorts of people in his life. I try to give up, but he won't let me. Then he says, "It starts with 'G'." So, I guess, "Grammy, Gramma Bee." BigBro jumps in with "God."

"That's right!" he yells. "It's God. I'm thinking of God right now."

My heart melts a bit. How sweet! We're running errands, and my four year old is thinking about God. Wow. I must really be doing something right.

I ask him, "What are you thinking about God?"

"I'm thinking that God would get me to my friend's house a lot faster than you are."


  1. Both a homily and a lesson in humility, eh?

  2. Just too perfect for words!