Monday, September 20, 2010

The Many Faces of Jen

Me, marking our spot in the parking garage at Universal Studios on our 10th anniversary

This fall, I am wearing so many different faces that DH thought it necessary to provide a visual. (With deep apologies to Andy Warhol!)

As usual, I am mother/wife/housekeeper/etc. That role I know how to do (mostly).

And, I am teacher. This role, I am really getting into my groove (finally).

I am also volunteer. I can't figure out exactly how that role ballooned so big this fall, but it did... and I'm pretty sure I've been practicing saying "no," too.

Finally, I am student. I am taking two classes online this semester, working toward certification in ministry. I took one 2-week class this summer. It was intense, and then it was over. I had signed up for one online class and one in-person class for this fall. While we were away, I learned that my in-person class was canceled. I replaced it with the second online class. Both classes started last week, and I am a bit overwhelmed by the whole experience right now. I don't know how to manage my time well. There are reading assignments and posting requirements. When and how often should I be posting/checking discussion boards? Traditional classes are so much easier... do the readings/assignments and show up for class. DH (who teaches online as well as in the classroom) keeps telling me that I will learn more. I suppose. For now, I don't have any "groove" at all ... or even a plan for how/when to fit my classwork and online time into my life.

Anyone out there with online class experience, please jump in with suggestions!

So, dear friends, if my blogging is sporadic this fall, know that it's because one of these many faces is running the show.

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  1. I found I had to do my online classes after the kids were in bed. I got my 2 year Associates degree in Criminal Investigate 3 years ago, all on line. It involved board postings, discussions, a group paper (which always frustrated me!), reading, and a quiz. Somehow I did it. However, I had only the two kids, Brian and Nico, and just homeschooling Nico.

    Best wishes!