Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

That BigBro and I have a very similar personality has always been plain to me. It's why we bump heads so much. But this morning, I had to laugh at how much we are alike.

BigBro is studying words for the spelling bee in January. He's won his grade-level for the past two years, and is hoping to be competitive in the "spell-off" this year against all the grade-level winners. Last year, he came in second in the spell-off, which was enough to whet his appetite for the chance to go to the regional competition. So, I printed off the words, and we are making our way through the grade categories, him spelling, me circling the ones he misses, so that we can make a specific study list.

Every single time he misspelled a word, he got frustrated with himself, and with me. He likes perfection, and expects it in himself.

I'm the same way.

I took the mid-term for my class in Liturgy and the Sacraments yesterday. It took me just over 90 minutes to complete 60 T/F questions. (I hate T/F questions... not at all designed to check knowledge, but to trip you up). As soon as I was done, the computer graded my test and shot back the grade: 59/60.

I was pleased, but bothered by the one I'd missed. It wasn't even one that I'd marked to double-check. I was certain the answer to that one was false. But, I was also exhausted, and DH was returning with the children in 20 minutes, so I turned off the computer.

This morning, I went back in to view the test again, and re-read the question I'd missed. It had to be false. There was no way it was true. I spent nearly 40 minutes going through course documents very carefully, and sure enough, I found the support I needed for my answer. I emailed my teacher, who responded quickly that it was an error, and he would fix my grade.

There was a little "happy" dance over here.

And a little more patience with my perfection-seeking son.

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