Friday, November 5, 2010

The Long-Anticipated Escape

Today, after I drop the kids at their homeschool classes, run a few small errands, and make a quick stop at the house, I am escaping.

Escaping here:

It's cold today, with highs only expected in the mid-40s. I don't much like the cold. We've had a warm, pretty fall, and I was hoping for that to hold through this weekend. But, today, my nice long day in Pevely, MO, it will be cold.

At first, I was a little disappointed. I'd dreamed of climbing down to the Mississippi's edge, curling up in the base of the fallen tree under the boughs of colored leaves, and resting in God's creation.

But, right now, as I sit chilled in my school room with icy hands, I've made peace with the weather.

My plans now: to sit by the fire in the library, crocheting Christmas gifts and listening to quiet music on the radio, while gentle Gracie stretches out at my feet.

May your weekend plans include some time to be quiet and notice the Goodness of our Lord, too.

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  1. Hope it was wonderfu!!! Cold or not it was a lovely day!