Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Our days go best when we get started with school around 9am. If we get started too much later than that, we seem to spend too much time dawdling, and the school work drags on forever.

This morning, we went to the school mass at 8:15, as we do most Wednesdays. Afterwards, we were hanging out, playing with Baby Goddaughter, and catching up with some folks. The kids love to wave at their friends as they walk down the hall to their classrooms. We finally got out of there about 9:20 and made our usual stop at the donut shop for post-mass, good behavior donuts.

But then, BigBro really needed some pants. Now that it is cooler, he is down to just two pairs of dress pants and one pair of jeans that fit him. So, I thought it would be a good plan to stop at the resale shop and see what we could find in his size. We were already out, and I am trying to combine errands to save on gas, so it seemed like the right choice at the time.

But here it is now... nearly 2pm, and we are STILL muddling through schoolwork. We didn't get started until about 11, and it has been like pulling teeth to keep him focused all day. We still have all three sections of Language Arts, History, and Recorder to get through, once he finishes his Religion project. At this point, it looks like our afternoon walk in the nature center may have to move to another day.

Oh well, live and learn. Tomorrow will (hopefully) be a better day! And, gas or no gas, I am going to keep errands in the afternoons and on weekends!

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