Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Flu Shot Adventures

Today I took all three kids to get flu shots. One of the big hospitals is doing them for free -- adults and children together -- all week long. All I had to pay was $1.50 to park in their garage.

I started this morning, prepping BigBro who cannot stand shots at all. He has asthma, so even though I am already a big proponent of the flu shot, it is completely not an option for him... he MUST have a flu shot each year. He is too high risk to skip it.

By the time we arrived at the parking garage, BigBro was quietly crying. LilBro was clueless. Princess was filled with bravado. The paperwork was a cinch to fill out, and we were immediately led to a nurse. Now, BigBro was hysterical. I sat in the chair, and held Princess on my lap, who cried a little, screamed as the needle went in, and then happily sifted through the pile of stickers to find one she liked. The nurse squeezed mine off as I wrestled LilBro (who was no longer clueless) onto my lap. We got LilBro's in quickly and with just a tiny bit of crying, and then he was happy to take a sucker and a sticker.

By this time, I had to go hunt down BigBro, who was attempting to hide behind some cardboard partitions. Two other nurses came over to help. I explained that he had to have a flu shot, as he was an asthmatic, and that I would definitely need some help holding him down. He was hysterical. I tried to get him to focus and breathe with me, and tried to maneuver him onto my lap. The nurse got everything ready. We got him to slow his breathing a little, and then the three of us just held on while the fourth nurse jammed the needle in. Oh, the screaming and crying that followed.... really, you would have thought they were performing an appendectomy without anesthesia right there in the lobby. Oh, yeah, did I mention that this was in the lobby of the building, with about a dozen tables set up, all with people (adults and children) calmly sitting in chairs and submitting to the vaccination? Only my six year old was throwing a fit!

After everyone calmed down, we stopped at the bathroom before heading out to the car. I called DH and told him that he needs to do something nice for me. I don't care what it is... but something to show his appreciation for me taking this task on alone, and not cramming it into our already busy Saturday. We shall see....

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