Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bits of a Busy Weekend

This was a busy weekend around here, with lots of things going on. Here are a few little bits:


Marriage and More Group: We met on Friday night, and it looks to be a really good group. There is a lot of enthusiasm for this. We are going to meet on the first Friday of each month, and will spend the next 5 months sharing our stories, a little at a time. DH and I are hosting the January meeting, and the topic is "How We Met." I think all of us are looking forward to having one night a month when we are guaranteed to spend some time remembering why we married our spouses!


St. Nick's Visit: St. Nick made a stop at our house on Friday night, much to the delight of three small children. He filled all our shoes with chocolates. But Mom's favorite thing was the wooden Advent calendar he left on the dining room table. I've been eyeing one of those for years. How incredibly generous of the good Saint to leave one for us!


Visit with Santa: DH took the three kids to see Santa yesterday afternoon (so I could have some quiet time to myself).


Nativity Pageant: This morning, the Preschool of Religion hosted a Nativity pageant... which is a totally separate post. Too cute!


Dance Recital: And in about 20 minutes, we are leaving to go to Princess' and LilBro's Christmas Dance Recital... which will also be uploaded and posted as soon as possible.

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