Friday, December 12, 2008

Whoo-Hoo! Go Princess!

Yesterday afternoon, I took the kids to the science center to run off some of their excess cold-weather, stuck-inside, Christmas-cookie-eating energy. On our way there, we passed a sign that read "Zoo."

From the back of the van, Princess said this:

"Mama, why does that sign say 'zoo'?"

No sounding out. No pictures on the sign. And we were driving along at a pretty good clip... probably about 30-35 mph. I instantly realized what she had done: she had read a word, with no context, no prompting, no sounding out. She just read it.

I started cheering and congratulating her. She didn't even realize that she had done it. For the first time, Princess had read a word that wasn't written in a book or on a piece of paper right above mom's index finger!

She realized why I was so happy, and started to giggle. "I can't wait to tell Daddy that I can read!"

Yay, Princess! You go, girl!

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