Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blessings of the Week

For a little over a week now, as a part of my evening prayers, I've been considering my day, looking for blessings: evidence of God's presence and His love in little ways and in big ways. It is a small change that has made a big impact in my prayer life and the way that I manage the stress and anxiety in my life.

Given all the benefits I've seen with this new practice, I decided to post three blessings every week, creating for me an ongoing journal of God's love and presence.


Good Friends: This week, I was able to unload a bunch of stress on one special friend Monday afternoon, leave the 4 kids with her for 3 1/2 hours on Tuesday afternoon so I could get a little break, and sit with her for two hours on Thursday afternoon, watching our kids running around the playground and catching up on all our news. Thank God for her.


DH: My sweet husband has really looked out for me this week. He surprised me with an early birthday present, just in time for our family trip to New Mexico. He led our family in dealing with several challenges this week and even fixed BigBro's bed (a jumping casualty) with leftover materials from his basement project. He was an outstanding partner to me all week. Thank God for him.


Morning Mass: This was the first week in about a month that I was able to get to morning mass every day. DH's business trips, illnesses, and other commitments have made it hard for me to get my day started with mass for weeks. I've really missed it. I've missed the community of folks who show up at 6:30 every day. I've missed the quiet, the prayers, the Eucharist, and the calm that permeates my day when I start with mass. It's been such a huge blessing to get this back into my routine this week. Thank you, God.


What about you... how has God blessed you this week?

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