Saturday, April 25, 2009

From the Road - Oklahoma City

We are on our way to Albuquerque to visit my great-Aunt. Today, we drove about 8 hours to Oklahoma City. We got an early start this morning, and landed here mid-afternoon. We went directly to the Memorial for the 1995 Bombing attack.


What a beautiful, respectful, hope-filled and deeply reverent memorial. The kids were very respectful, having listened to my lecture about the bombing and proper behavior on such sacred ground during the final leg of our journey. LilBro brought me from barely-under-control-emotional all the way to tears when he pointed out that some of the chairs representing victims were "just my size." Yes, LilBro. You're absolutely right. Some of the victims were just your size.

We went from there across the street to St Joseph's Old Cathedral for the 4pm Vigil mass, which DH nicknamed the "Rogers and Hammerstein" mass due to the style of music sung there. The homily was excellent, but I was definitely missing our musical director.

Finally, we drove to the hotel and checked in. This was the highlight of the day for the kids. It just doesn't get any better than this for them. A quick settling in, dinner, and we are back at the hotel. The kids are all pj'd and teeth-brushed, the beds have been sufficiently jumped-in, and they are now giggling in the other room, watching "Shrek 2."

DH and I are tucked in on the couch in the main room, watching "Harry Potter" on the tv, as I enjoy the free internet connection. And really, there is no other way to travel. Despite having logged about 500 miles today, we are all pretty calm, relaxed and in "vacation-mode." Tomorrow, we have about another 500 miles to go to reach my great-Aunt, where we can settle in for a few days of exploring and visiting.

Oh, and I absolutely LOVE my kindle!

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