Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Early Present

I hate opening presents early. I save any birthday cards that come in the mail until the actual birthday (whether mine or my kids). When DH and I were dating, he tried to convince me to open presents on Christmas Eve. The sacrilege! Absolutely not. He tried again the first Christmas after we were married. Nope. Not going to happen.

So, last night, when he approached me and asked to give me my birthday present early, I said no. (My birthday isn't until May 3... nearly 2 weeks from now). He pressed. I refused. But I could see that it was important to him, so I wavered a little. I was torn. The anticipation of the present is often more fun than the present itself, at least for me. If I let him give me my present early, I would miss out on nearly two weeks of anticipation. Especially since it appears that this year he's planned ahead. This won't be a year of sneaking out the day before to pick up something.

But he was quietly insistent. There was something about his manner last night that allowed me to say yes. I closed my eyes and waited for him to place a gift bag on my lap.

Then I opened my eyes, opened the bag, and have been floating on a cloud ever since! My amazing husband... truly my dearest friend in this world... bought me the one thing I was coveting but would never, never, not in a million years, ever buy for myself.

A Kindle 2!!!

This thing is amazing. It holds 1,000 books. I can access my blog, and the rest of the internet from it. I can order and download books in seconds. The screen uses some sort of ink-technology so that it doesn't grate on my eyes after a while, the way a computer screen does... and you can view it in bright sunlight without any glare. It is a chance for me to always, always have a book or 300 with me. It is small, lightweight, and fits easily in my purse. I love it!

So, now I need to get through all the features in the user's guide, download a few (dozen) books, and make sure it is fully charged before we leave for Albuquerque on Saturday.

Whoo-hoo! I can't wait to spend 17 hours in the car with 4 kids!

Edited to add: in less than half an hour, I've downloaded over 2 dozen books onto my Kindle, including the Bible, a bunch of classics, and a cookbook. All for free! Whoo-hoo!!!!!

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