Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blessings of the Week - vol.3

Saturday morning is upon us once again. This week was a tough one in so very many ways, but despite that (or because of that?) blessings abounded.


Priests. Three in particular stand out right now, but I'll offer up that, generally, these men who dedicate their lives to serving God and serving us are a true blessing.

Specifically, for Padre, who looks out for great-Aunt Mary in Albuquerque, bringing her Holy Communion, and checking in on her daily. For welcoming us into his life, sharing his stories, and offering us support and a 6am blessing before our departure last week.

For Pastor, who can always make me smile, who is compassionate and kind, and who so generously agreed to celebrate a private mass for our Marriage and More team tonight, allowing each of us to renew our vows with our spouses, one at a time.

For Father, my friend, my confidante, my confessor, my spiritual director. Thank you, dear God, for Father.


For my kids. I don't mean this in the general sense that my kids are a blessing, which, of course, they are. But this week, specifically. They helped me get the house cleaned and organized, without complaining. They helped fold and put away more than a dozen loads of laundry, without complaining. They entertained themselves (and didn't destroy the house in the process), so I could take a little nap one day. They have sensed that I've been sad this week (even though I've had smiles for them), and have filled me up with hugs, kisses, and lots of "I love you, Moms."

My kids are good kids. They are. Not that they don't have their moments (as we all do), but generally, they are kind, loving and (mostly) obedient. But this week, they've stepped up to the plate and hit one out of the park ... over and over and over. Thank you, God, for my three amazing blessings, and all they've taught me this week about joy and resiliency.


Renewing my vows. Especially this week. Especially this spring. Especially with Pastor and in the presence of my Marriage and More team. DH is an absolute gift to me. Every single day, I praise God for sending the perfect partner for me. But this week, really these past few months, I've had to rely on him more than ever. And he's been there for me. I mean, really been there for me.

So, while I would marry him again anytime, it is a huge blessing that I get to marry him again tonight. I can't wait to hold his hands, look into his eyes, and promise to love, honor and cherish him every moment of every day, for the rest of my life.


Where has God blessed you this week?

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