Saturday, May 9, 2009

Deep in the Thick of It

Man, we are deep in the thick of t-ball/baseball season around here. This is the very first season that we have three children playing sports simultaneously. That's 3-4 practices and 3 games every single week.

In addition to the rest of our lives.

This morning, I was back-and-forth-and-back-again to the parish. LilBro had practice at 9am. Princess had practice at 10am. After 40 minutes of non-stop giggling on my part, I left LilBro in the capable hands of his coach to run home and get Princess. We got back to the church just in time for Princess' practice to start. LilBro was cold, tired and hungry. I left Princess with her coach, ran LilBro home, picked up BigBro and the present for his 11am birthday party, and the stuff I needed for errands. Back to the parish. Caught the last 10 minutes of Princess' practice. Then I dropped BigBro at the party, Princess and I ran errands. Back home for a quick lunch. Then to help transport the party kids to the bounce-arena for part-2 of the birthday party. More errands. Back home so DH can run an errand or two before I have to go pick up BigBro from the birthday party.

It's a very good thing that we live only 1.5 miles from the parish.

Though, for these baby blues, I'd gladly drive further.

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