Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blessings of the Week - vol. 8

This "first real week of summer" edition:


Getting the pool ... finally ... open! This year, trying to get the pool open has been an exercise in patience and the magic of chemicals. First, the winter winds ripped our cover to shreds, leaving us with a pond where our pool used to be. Then, I got sick -- very sick -- the weekend that we were planning to hook up the filter and get things going with the pool. Finally, the rain and cool weather have just not cooperated. Until this week... when I finally got the right mix of chemicals to bring the pool water to crystal clear and the weather warmed enough for me to get in and vacuum.

We've been celebrating with loads and loads of swimming every single day (even though it's still on the cool side).


Getting to attend the Archbishop's Installation Mass. This was something I had been looking forward to for about a month, and lots of little blessings conspired to make the afternoon one I will never forget. Truly, one of the highlights of this week!


Our Family Day at the Cardinals Game. Last Sunday, all five of us went to see the St. Louis Cardinals play the Colorado Rockies at Busch Stadium. It was the first time we've taken the younger two kids to a professional game. They are still a little young to sit through all nine innings, but it was a great family day all the same. We even ran into Fredbird as we were exploring the stadium, and the kids were able to pose for a quick picture with him! Score!


I hope your week has been as filled with blessings as mine has!

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