Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tugging at My Heartstrings

Last night, a round of wicked thunderstorms blew through our area, starting about 8:30 pm. Within minutes, LilBro and Princess were downstairs, quivering and whimpering in fear. We checked the radar online, saw that the storms were fast-moving, and invited the kids to curl up on the couch with us. DH put on one of their favorite cartoons. BigBro heard the commotion and came to join us.

About 45 minutes later, things were settling down enough that we sent all the kids back up to bed. Our peace was relatively short, however. Just before 10pm, a loud crack of thunder startled us from our evening complacency. And within seconds, we heard LilBro's fearful whimpering growing louder.

DH stood up and collected LilBro from the top of the steps. Cuddling him close, he walked back into the family room, whispering to him, "It's ok. There's nothing to be afraid of. Daddy's here. You're safe with Daddy."

My heart melted.

LilBro snuggled in on DH's lap, and laid his head on DH's shoulder. In less than a minute, he was in a deep, gentle sleep.

I sat looking at the two of them for a few minutes. DH's face was filled with tenderness; LilBro's with contentment. DH caught my eye, and said, "Sometimes I just can't believe that we made this little guy. He wouldn't exist if it weren't for us. It's amazing... you know, that we are able to do that... to create another person."

I smiled at him. This is one of the things I love most about the Catholic teaching on human sexuality. The Church teaches us that sex is sacred because it is the one way that we are allowed to join God in the act of creation.

And DH is right... it is amazing that we have been given this gift... this chance to cooperate with God in creating life.

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