Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blessings of the Week - vol. 14

The vacation in North Carolina edition:


A wonderful week with my parents. We had an absolutely perfect week... weather, activities, and attitudes all converged to make this week the best visit we've ever had. The kids had a great time: splashing and swimming in the pool and on the beach, going to a Myrtle Beach Pelicans game, seeing two fireworks shows, riding the rides at the amusement park, touching the sea creatures in the aquarium, riding a ferry to and from the outer banks. And lots and lots of Grammy-and-Pop-Pop-time! What an absolute blessing this entire week was for all of us.


Mid-week date day. DH and I managed a date day in the middle of the week: Harry Potter and fresh seafood, mass and shopping, wandering and catching up with each other. It was a treat to have so many hours to relax and enjoy DH, to know, in my heart, that I am happier today than I was nine years ago this September in that white dress.


My annual foray into the sea. I am an ocean-person. I need to squish my toes in the sand and bob among the waves at least once a year, or I go a little bit crazy. (or crazier, for those who know me). Wednesday morning, as I bobbed up and down, bouncing high with the lift of the wave and crashing back down to the solid ocean floor, I started wildly laughing. Pure joy filled me and spilled out into the ocean in the form of maniacal laughter.

(So I suppose it is also a blessing that I will never see the people swimming nearby ever again!)


And you... what blessings has the Lord bestowed on you while we were gone?

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